It’s ice cold over there

Ever since both of us started constantly running our central a/c method this year, I have been noticing that there happened to be a major frigid spot in the corner of our residing room.

There wasn’t 1 in that place last year, and so that just truly makes me guess that there is some brand new kind of issue going on with our heating and cooling system.

Of course, I’m definitely no HVAC professional, so I can’t say I truly have a clue what could possibly be going on with the whole frigid spot situation in the house. I do know that it’s an issue, though. The a/c vent in the residing room is positioned right above the couch where our family watches TV together every evening, but what is unfortunate for us, is that it’s so dang frigid in there that both of us haven’t even been able to hang out there together without being too cold. And please note that this is even when I have the a/c turned way down on the thermostat and it’s not even running! The two of us just somehow magically end up with this cold frigid spot right in the middle of our residing room all of a sudden. I am starting to wonder if both of us don’t need to get some ductwork sealing done with an HVAC technician or something. I know that if your air ducts get cracks or small gaps in them, that can occasionally cause sizzling or frigid spots throughout your entire home.


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