My dad loved the new recliner

My mom surprised my dad for their anniversary

My dad is almost 7 ft tall and his height has always been a problem. He constantly has to duck when entering doorways and sometimes ceiling fans are a problem too. Even when he was a teenager, he was over six feet tall already. My dad played basketball in high school since he was very tall, but he didn’t love the sport. He even played basketball in college so he could earn a degree in engineering. My dad always told me that height has been a blessing and a curse. My mom and dad had to get a custom furniture designer to make a bed that was long enough for my dad’s legs. The custom furniture designer took my dad’s measurements and they made a frame that was one foot taller than most traditional bed frames. My Dad loved the bed and it was the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house for a very long time. A couple of years ago, my mom called the same custom furniture designer to make a recliner for my dad. My mom surprised my dad for their anniversary. The custom furniture builder took 6 months to complete the project, but it was exactly what my mom wanted. When my mom surprised my dad with the new recliner, he didn’t leave the living room for several days.He sat in the leather chair and watched sports all weekend. I think it is safe to say that my mom chose an excellent gift when she decided to have a custom chair built for my dad and his extremely long legs.

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