My grandmother was so happy that she went for the HVAC system upgrade

I am typically the optimistic sort of guy. When my grandmother was talking to me on the phone about her gas furnace and how she thought it could last another 10 years, I actually was not able to be optimistic in this particular situation. The reason why I say that is because I definitely knew how old that gas furnace was in her home. It had been experiencing all sorts of issues over the years and even I heard an HVAC technician say that the gas furnace should be replaced. They told my grandmother that she should be saving up money to get a new gas furnace, but she just wanted to keep the old one. I guess she has some kind of sentimental attachment to that old gas furnace, and I wish she would just let it go to be honest. I had to really talk to her and tell her how if she got a more energy efficient gas furnace, her energy bills would be so much lower. When I told her this, she actually perked up a little bit and said that her heating bills were becoming pretty expensive and she was kind of tired of having to get the furnace repaired all of the time. Fortunately, she did have plenty of money in her savings and we were able to get a new gas furnace installed in her place. On top of that, I told them to also install a smart thermostat. I showed my grandmother how to use the smart thermostat and with the new gas furnace, she is saving a lot of money on her monthly heating bills. She is so happy that she went for the HVAC system upgrade.
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