My HVAC needed a small repair

I have had some great luck when it comes to people who work for me.

  • And that is not limited to just the people who work at my company.

I am honestly blessed to have found people to do stuff around my house at good rates. We have a handyman that can do just about anything and do it well. This means that I can come home from a tough day at the office and relax in the HVAC instead of taking on some project. My handyman seems to have some sort of experience in just about every home project scenario. So of course, I called him the other day when the HVAC was acting weird. It was running but it just wasn’t cooling the home much. I figured the handyman would make short work of that. Well, I was stunned to hear him adamantly refuse to work on the HVAC. He told me in no uncertain terms that only certified HVAC professionals should be working on my HVAC system. He told me that it was a real mistake to have anyone else to even have a look at it. My handyman went on to explain all the time, training, continuing education that it takes to be an HVAC professional. That was enough for me. I called the local HVAC company that I have used for years. They were able to come out that afternoon. It was just a small repair service that had to be made. And then, the HVAC was right back to being as strong and comfortable as it always is.


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