My mom always told me that you get what you pay for

As I was growing up, my mom always told us that you get what you pay for when it comes to things in life.

  • This applies to houses, cars, clothing, and even your heating and cooling system in your house.

I learned this a couple of months ago when I was trying to find a new HVAC company to do the air conditioning maintenance work that I needed done in my house. The weather was just heating up for the summer, and I knew that we needed to get our A/C maintained and serviced before the temperatures outside got super hot. I called around to some different HVAC companies in the area to see what their prices were for A/C tune ups and some of them were really high! I noticed that the HVAC companies that were priced the highest were also the ones that had the best ratings. They had also been in business the longest. The other ones were much cheaper, but they didn’t have any good ratings. I decided to go against everything that my mom used to tell me about getting what you pay for, and I made an appointment with the cheapest HVAC company that was available. I guess, looking back though, it was against my better judgement. I should have known better! The HVAC company that I hired to fix our air conditioning did a terrible job. The A/C worked for all of ten minutes before it went on the blink. Now, I wish that I had just paid the extra money for a better, higher quality HVAC company!


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