The basement sale

There was this local Dad and pop store that was what they used to call a “general store” in our small neighborhood that I lived in when I was younger. I heard the other month that they were finally going to be closing their doors and retiring after over 50 years of great repair to the community. I had to go back there when I heard that they were having what’s called a basement sale. They were taking all back stock of their store and selling it at dirt cheap prices; Sort of an all things must go type sale. And in this, they were selling off a lot of portable heating and a/c products that they had not ever sold! These were mostly older model portable space heaters, portable a/c units and portable air purification units. I needed to get a few portable space oil furnaces and a few portable a/c units because I wanted to try to save currency on energy use. And for the ultra cheap prices they were selling these things for, I decided it was worth the trip back beach apartment to take luck of these sales that I would never see again anywhere else! I didn’t have to get on a plane or anything love that, it was just a 3 seconds drive so I made it a day trip. And after I bought the clearance sale portable space oil furnaces and portable a/c units, I spent the rest of the day going to see family and had a nice lunch with our parents.

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