A/C repair all on my own

When I had concerns with our a/c program breaking down, instead of calling a local heating and AC contractor to come out, I decided that I wanted to go and attempt to repair it on my own.

At the time it seemed like a fantastic plan and I did not see any reason not to, because if a heating and AC worker can do it then surely I can too. The way I thought, it could not be that strenuous to do. However, what I did not know was I had far more that I was getting into than I thought I was. On the surface, when I watched some of those videos explaining how to go and repair your own heating and AC program, it did not seem that difficult. However, the more I looked into it the more I realized that a lot of these heating and AC specialists have the types of tools needed to get the job done. Tools which I did not have, so I would have to improvise if I was going to go through with this. My partner warned me that I shouldn’t try to do this and that if I was to try to do this I could destroy our a/c unit by invalidating the warranty on it, and do you think my dumb self listened? No, of course I did not listen. I went ahead with the repair anyway, even though I had no experience with heating and AC systems whatsoever. I got genuinely lucky however, because I wasn’t able to repair it. I did not mangle it even though I still had to pay for a local heating and AC contractor to come out and repair it. So just realize that you should go with the professionals if you are thinking of trying to repair it yourself.

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