Back on the farm with bad air quality

My cousin owns a farm and this is his life and career.

I go to visit sometimes but I try to go in the winter time months of the year.

Because that is the time of the year that the air quality is actually ok enough to not make me wanna throw up! In the summer, fall and spring the air quality is so bad on that farm that I can not even visit my cousin. Lord knows how he deals with it. I mean, he has a whole home air purification system in his home, but even that doesn’t completely clear the bad air quality! This is just the way of farm life I guess. But it is most certainly not for me. Living on the farm would be impossible for me. But again, I do go visit in the winter time months of the year when the air quality is more bearable. That is with the whole home air purification system running. If the whole home air purification system was not running in my cousin’s home it would still be pretty bad air quality. That is just how it is on a farm. I never have actually said anything to him about this. I just keep my mouth shut and I have him think the only time I can visit is in the winter. This is a total lie on my part, but it is the way to keep things nice and not insult his livelihood. But all around I do have a good time when I go and visit!


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