Destroying his cooling system in front of me

I live in a small neighborhood and when you live in a small neighborhood you think a lot of your neighbors.

  • I know our neighbors genuinely well, and all of them are really nice people.

However, my one neighbor I had known for quite some time and he was the kind of guy that genuinely did have a bit of a temper to him. He wasn’t the kind of person that you wanted to make mad. Well, one Monday something made him pretty mad because he ended up taking it out on his cooling system! All I know is that I had just gotten up and was resting in our dining room enjoying a bowl of cereal, and as I’m looking out through the dining room window I see Bob come out of his house carrying a window a/c unit in his hands. I think to myself; oh that’s nice, he got a brand new window AC program, how lucky of him. I had no clue what was about to happen in front of me. I saw him carelessly throw the window AC system on the ground and I thought, well that was a bit ridiculous wasn’t it? Then I see him go back inside the house and he comes back out with something in his hands. I’m seeing it and I’m thinking to myself this entire time “is that a hammer?” Yes it was indeed a hammer. He took a hammer to that window AC and completely destroyed it. I would like to know why exactly he did it, however I’m too afraid to ask. I wasn’t the only one who witnessed it, and it was being quietly whispered among some of the other neighbors! One person said that he wasn’t happy with the window AC the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor sold him, so he decided to destroy it. It does not make any sense to myself or others either.

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