Don’t like smart thermostats

I do not know if it is just my luck and me, or if this is a regular thing with smart thermostats.

But I just don’t like the way they run.

The first thing I do not like too much about them is the fact that when you want to shut the thermostat off when the central heating and air conditioning system becomes too hot or too cold. It takes roughly 3 minutes for it to even shut down! At least this has been my experience with the smart thermostat. Also, if you want to change the temperature while it’s running, the second you do so, the smart thermostat shuts off and in order to even get the central heating and air conditioning running again, you have to turn off the smart thermostat, wait a few minutes, then restart it all by hand with the newly selected temperature already in place. I hated it! I don’t know if maybe I had a faulty smart thermostat or not, but I never had these issues with a regular thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system unit. So for me, after this experience I had with the brand new on the market smart thermostats, it is decided that I will not be using these things ever again. I will stick to the classic digital thermostat at best. At least with my old digital thermostat my central heating and air conditioning system unit worked properly with no issues what so ever. So let the choice be your own…but for me like I said, there will be no more smart thermostats!

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