I bought my mom an air conditioner for Mother’s Day

I bought my mom an air conditioner for Mother’s Day.

I know that an air conditioner is not the sweetest gift to get your mother on Mother’s Day, but it was very practical.

My mom has needed an air conditioner in her little trailer for a few years, but she simply refuses to buy one for herself. She says that she can get along just fine without an air conditioner. She used to have an air conditioner in her trailer, but it stopped working a few years ago, and she didn’t replace it. At first, I thought that she would be fine without an air conditioner in her trailer, but the last few times that I have visited, her trailer has been a furnace. It had to have been at least eighty-five degrees in there the last time I visited, and that was with a few fans in the windows. She was sweating to death. She only wears long sleeved shirts and pants, so that didn’t help her situation. I told her that she needed an air conditioner because it was ridiculously hot in her trailer. She just kept saying that it was fine and she was fine. Well, I was sick of seeing her so miserably hot in her house, so I decided that an air conditioner would be the best Mother’s Day present that I could get her. I knew that she would use the air conditioner if I bought it for her. She has been using it ever since I gave it to her on Mother’s Day. She calls me all of the time and tells me how nice it is to have air conditioning in her trailer.

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