I needed the HVAC expert to take a look

When our dad told me he had a surprise for me, I wasn’t sure what he meant, he called me up one day asking when I had an afternoon off work.

Dad wanted to know when I have about 3 days off to travel anywhere with him.

It sounded like one of those sudden road trips he liked to have when I was younger. So, when I got a few days off, I drove home and we set off the next afternoon. I had no clue where the two of us were going, but the area looked quite remote. Then there were woods and dirt roads which led up to this wonderful small cottage. Dad gifted me this charming property last year as an addition to our small investment portfolio and I was so blown away. So far, it’s been wonderful owning the cottage plus last month I was checking the oil furnace system. Some friends had stayed there for a month and told me there was an issue with the oil furnace. It seemed the oil furnace was emitting less heat and I wasn’t sure why this was happening. I didn’t want other folks to have the same experience, so I booked a heating and air conditioning expert to come and take a look. The lady was so wonderful and informed me the issue was the jammed air filter. Even in the winter season, it’s crucial to check and change the air filter each month. If there’s any blockage, the oil furnace won’t emit the amount of heat needed in the cottage. Since this is a remote location, it would cost a fortune to have her come up each time to change the air filter. This is why she showed me how this is done.


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