It will be cool if they came along

We just got to the apartment from a swim in the cold sea and finally got to take a hot shower after weeks of frigid showers.

It felt so fantastic to have some hot water on our skin after that frigid swim and now we are ready to take on the afternoon.

We told our friends to have their acquaintance message us about a bonfire gathering tonight. It’s a bit odd asking them because they liked us originally but we didn’t go for them. So, we don’t know how they will feel about us asking for their number but we will see. Heating & Air Conditioning systems work is what we will be doing for the afternoon this week but after that we have a bonfire gathering, or more like a fire in a fireplace gathering. We wanted to see if they wanted to come along. They had a long walk the other afternoon and they told us they were lonely, so we figured we’d invite them so they can make several friends and have some fun with us all. We are all Heating & Air Conditioning experts and heating reps and it would be cool if they came along and had some fun with us while we watched the fire and sang songs. We’ll bring our djembe drums and our bandmates will bring their guitars. We will sing songs and drink some beers while enjoying the fire. It is a local HVAC corporation that has the gathering and the fireplace is big so a crowd can see it. We feel they will come along in the end.

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