Kitchen is ridiculously hot

I’ve lived in a few peculiar places in my life, & the houses have all been quite peculiar from one another.

  • However, until now, I’ve never had a home with an attic before! I didn’t realize that the top floor of the home gets so incredibly sizzling until I discovered it myself the other day, as I tried to organize the closet in our spare kitchen; You see, that closet has an access point to the house’s attic space.

I was rearranging boxes & trying to pack similar objects into the spare kitchen closet when I realized I was overheated to an drastic degree, but poking around, I realized that the attic door was at least ten degrees hotter than the rest of the closet, & it was making the small space a lot hotter than the rest of the house. I went to check on the control component settings, but everything was appropriate; there was nothing I could do to remedy the sizzling air in this corner of the home except to set up some box fans for extra ventilation while I worked in the heat, sInce then, I’ve noticed that every single day that room feels exuberantly sizzling compared to the rest of the house; The attic gets so moderate that it passes the heat directly to the spare kitchen, & the temperature remains elevated for the duration of the day. The only pick as far as I can tell is to seal off the access point to the attic & hope that the sizzling air stays trapped up there!


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