My father is upset because my mother always adjusts the control appliance controls

All I hear when my father gets back to the dwelling is, “Why does she do this?” He typically yells, “What, again!” He definitely gets pretty upset after work after a long day of work.

It’s mainly how the settings of the control appliance are set at.

But there are other things also. He has mainly said he will get a smart temperature control appliance installed if he has to because he has been laboring in a freezer for the course of the day as well as when he is at home, he doesn’t want to be in an air-conditioned environment. I feel that is not especially fair to us because it’s super hot outside as well as the air quality of this dwelling is not so terrible. I don’t say much because I don’t cover the cost for the bills. I learned that lesson a long time ago as well as he will turn his frustration towards me if I do say anything about it. The past time I said something about what I wanted to watch on cable television as well as then he took money out of my allowance stating, “Money for cable television usage.” So I will never say anything again because I need my lousy amount of money for the week. Still, him getting upset isn’t right as well as maybe he should just get a portable space heater appliance if he doesn’t like the feeling of the dwelling when he arrives home. Or, he could just spend time outside or I don’t know, figure it out? I think if I was in his shoes I’d feel the same but I’m not. I know I have to keep an open mind but at the same time, he can be a little more respectful as well as think about what he says before he says it.
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