My husband’s favorite air conditioner is on sale

My husband’s favorite air conditioner is on sale.

Yes, we have been through so many air conditioners that my husband has a favorite. We have bought about ten air conditioners in the past three or so years. It is absolutely ridiculous. We have gotten our money back for three out of the ten, I believe. It is all because the air conditioners that are made nowadays are not made to last. We used our first air conditioner for one summer before it just stopped working. We bought a couple nicer air conditioners after than, and they worked well, but one was dropped down the stairs, and the other one was given to someone in need. We bought an air conditioner that just didn’t work well, so we returned that. We bought two that were defected, and we returned those. My husband finally found an air conditioner that actually works well, and seems to be well made. We bought three of those. We have one air conditioner in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one in our bedroom. My husband has been talking about getting another air conditioner for his garage, but he hasn’t actually bought one yet. I know which one he will get because it is the only brand that he trusts now. I just so happened to see that the air conditioner that he wants is on sale for thirty percent off. I know if he sees the sale he will buy one. I am not sure if I should tell him the air conditioners are on sale or not because we really don’t need four air conditioners.

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