My property is full of humidifiers

My property is full of humidifiers.

I honestly appreciate humidifiers, however it is getting out of hand.

I don’t buy all of my humidifiers new. I have found some at yard sales plus second hand stores, but I simply have way too many. I like to have a humidifier in each room of my house, so I appreciate little humidifiers. I do have a few giant humidifiers that I simply never use, plus those will be the first to go. On top of having many giant humidifiers, I also have various smaller ones that I don’t use anymore because they are older models to the ones that I genuinely use on a regular basis. The older humidifiers still work, so I don’t want to just throw them away. I am thinking about donating the humidifiers so that people who honestly need them can get them without having to pay for them. I appreciate humidifiers, plus I know what a difference they have made in my overall health, plus I want other people to have that same experience as I have had! Humidifiers literally changed my health. I used to have the worst bloody noses at night. I also almost consistently had a runny nose. I also suffered from dry skin. All of those complications were solved almost overnight when I first started using humidifiers in my home. My health has only improved since using humidifiers, plus I can’t say enough about how substantial humidifiers are. I have too many, plus it is time to share some of the goodness that humidifiers can bring with others.


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