Oil furnaces are sometimes more energy efficient than gas furnaces

I have gone back and forth between several different states since I was a child.

My parents were in the military and took my siblings and I to all of the various army bases they were stationed at over the years.

We got to see a lot of ecological diversity, with the years spent in the southeastern desert some of my favorites. Despite this, I have typically preferred living in regions where there are definable seasons that change throughout the year. Even some states in the south get a little bit of snow throughout the winter season. Living in the center of the country is nice because you get the best of both worlds. The winter brings snow and cold temperatures, but usually you’re not seeing cold snaps at 10 degrees below fahrenheit and lower. I have only lived in that kind of weather when I was still in the northeast. Back then we had an oil furnace, something that I haven’t used since. I mistakenly assumed that gas powered furnaces were stronger and more energy efficient than oil furnaces, but I learned that isn’t true. Some oil furnaces are the most fuel efficient heating systems available, especially when you compare one to an all electric furnace. If you have a fan-forced ventilation setup, an oil furnace is going to run circles around an electric furnace of the same size. If I had the money, I would replace my current gas powered furnace for an oil burning system. Since the oil tank is always installed outside, the HVAC technicians don’t even have to enter your home to top off your fuel supply.
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