The heating and cooling ads are everywhere

Do you ever feel like some advertisements just follow you everywhere? If you have, you are not alone and it is known that some companies will have ads that follow you all around the internet using cookies in the hopes that you will buy their products.

However, if you are anything like me this has the opposite effect.

If I have ads that are forcefully following me that I can’t get rid off, it makes me want nothing to do with that business or their products. I purchased a standing air purifier from a heating and cooling business just a week ago and now I am suddenly being bombarded by ads from the same company that are advertising similar products. Strangely enough, this has not just been limited to the internet. I have also been seeing ads for heating and cooling companies everywhere. It is like I can’t get away from it. Just this morning I was pouring myself some cereal and I happened to notice an ad for an oil furnace on the side of the box. On my way to work I got stuck in traffic behind a HVAC repair van, and even when I got to work I passed our usual bulletin board and saw a new advertisement had been put up, it was an ad for air conditioning services. This continued for a straight month, and I will admit it started to freak me out. They weren’t even the same heating and cooling companies, they were all different and I had heard of them before so I couldn’t figure out why I was now seeing them everywhere. But it stopped as quickly as it started.
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