Temps in the living room were way warm and uncomfortable

When there is a holiday like thanksgiving, easter, or christmas, our Dad usually spends all day in the kitchen preparing delicious foods.

She makes lots of different appetizers and main dishes.

She also makes a variety of desserts like pies, cakes, and cookies. Everything that our Dad makes is absolutely yummy. When she spends all day cooking in the kitchen, the living room is constantly warm and uncomfortable. When our Dad mentioned cooking for thanksgiving, I commanded getting the window A/C unit out of the garage for the day. My Dad thought I was being deranged, because all of us had the oil furnace running and it was 40° outside. I told her that I absolutely thought the cooling system would help the indoor temperatures and make it more comfortable for us while all of us were eating. My dad agreed with the idea. She thought it was a brilliant suggestion. She helped me carry the A/C unit in from the garage. We dusted it off before all of us brought it into the house. I don’t remember the last time all of us used the window A/C unit. It’s absolutely been resting in the garage on the shelf for many or many years. To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure that it was going to even start up. We congested in the machine and fired it up and to our surprise, it did start right up. Cold air started coming out of the air vents. We propped up the A/C unit and set up the sides of the unit so the air was congested from coming inside. It also kept any ants or pests from coming into the house.


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