The whole contest was clearly rigged

My friends and I went to the fair last weekend.

When the fair is here, everyone in the city attends.

It’s a huge event in this area and one of the only fun activities that occurs during the fall. While my friends and I were at the fair, we enjoyed all of the lights, sounds, and activities. We rode a couple of the thrill rides and we also went into the fun house. We had french fries with cheese, vinegar, and salt. We had cheese steaks from an out-of-town vendor and funnel cakes too. We played a couple of games, hoping we would win a cool prize to take home. One of the games was a skill game that required you to cover a red star with several pieces of plastic. It was $10 to play the game, but we had the chance to win a brand new portable AC unit. Even though summer was over, I knew the portable AC unit would be handy. I always have trouble cooling my house and a portable AC unit would fix that problem quickly. I gave the carnival attendant $10 so I could try the game. I thought I covered the star the first time and I was really excited. Unfortunately, the person running the booth told me that there was a very small amount of red star still showing. Every time my friends and I looked like we had one, the carnival attendant found a reason to keep us from winning the prize. The whole contest was clearly rigged. I bet no one ever walked away from that event with the portable AC unit.


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