Giving my house a new coat of paint

One year ago when I first moved into this house, I found it to be perfect in nearly every way.

I say nearly because if there was ever one thing that I didn’t like about it was the paint job. The previous owners had decided to paint each individual wall a different color. So even in just one room you could be surrounded by orange, red, green, and purple. It was definitely different but it was in no way what I was going for. So after some help from my husband we both picked out a set of colors we really liked and got straight to work repainting all the walls. I hadn’t expected it but the air conditioner did an excellent job of helping to try the paint. It helped it to dry almost too fast so we went to the thermostat and adjusted the air conditioner until we were finished. Once all was done and we were ready for it to start drying we turned the A/C on blast. While both my husband and I had made sure to invest in an excellent HVAC system, it ended up helping us in more ways than we had thought. Now not only could we sit back and relax and enjoy the nice flow of cool air coming from the air vents above, but we could also worry less about accidental wet paint. We had an entire new HVAC system but last year after the old one was worn down and would have needed replacing soon anyways. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

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