I’m using my furnace less and less over the years from constant mild winters

Thankfully the winters in my area are rather mild.

We rarely get snow and the lows never get below 30 degrees, even in the most extreme winter seasons.

The wind chill is never an issue and there is no ice on the roads either. I suppose if I had to choose a place to live by comparing my current home to all of the places I have lived in the past, it’s no contest that I am most happy where I’m at now. I might be living incredibly far in-land and nowhere near lakes or rivers of any kind, but I love it nonetheless. When I moved down here, I had been conditioned to using central furnaces from November to early March every single year. My old home a few states north of here was incredibly cold during this period of time each and every year. It was frustrating when you had to rely on a machine that cost so much money to run, otherwise you would freeze to death. Eventually I upgraded to a gas powered furnace which is vastly more efficient than a standard electric furnace. Even still, the energy expenses were considerable when I compare them to what I’m dealing with now. I rarely run my central furnace, even during the most intense winter cold snaps. You’re more apt to see me bundled up in several layers or hidden under my comfortable blanket on my bed. It just makes more sense to me to try to get by without needing a central furnace if the longest cold fronts only last a week or two at a time at most. Inevitably the temperature will rise again, mitigating the need for furnace use. I just try to get by without it altogether.
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