Plastic can be powerful

If you really think about it and look at a few things, you will find that plastic is not as cheap as some may think.

  • Depending on the type of plastic used to make something it can really be a cost effective way to churn out the most quality products.

This goes double when it comes to plastic and some HVAC products. My portable space heater is lightweight and made of pure plastic, and you would think that with it being made of plastic that it would melt being a heater. Well, this is not the case at all! My portable space heater actually can heat an entire large area or room even a tad better than some central heating systems can! I am not kidding or blowing things out of context here. These are the cold hard facts! Also, some window air conditioning units are made of sheer cheap looking plastic, but they perform really well in doing the same thing the portable space heater does, but with air conditioning and cooling! I have a window air conditioning system in my office at work that is pure plastic and it really cools off the place. The window air conditioning system unit cools off the office so much, that I sometimes get cold and have to turn it down or off completely. So the next time you are thinking of not buying something because it is made of what appears to be cheap plastic, think again. Don’t cheat yourself of these real top of the line heating and air conditioning products because you think they are going to be cheap pieces of plastic junk.


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