We thought there was some kind of HVAC malfunction at first

Sometimes I really wonder about my loving fiance; don’t get myself and others wrong, I suppose that she is a charming human being and she has our back all the time, however I also suppose that she is incredibly smart, creative, and funny.

But, there are afternoons when I just wonder about her common sense in this world.

It seems like she makes a lot of truly insane decisions and jumps to conclusions before she ever considers the logical answers. Then unfortunately, this can wind up costing us some extra money. We’re not exactly independently wealthy so it would be nice if she would keep her extraneous spending under better control. Recently, this was the case when it came to our central heating and cooling system… All of us spent money on a heating and cooling repair service that was easily unnecessary because my fiance didn’t bother checking all logical reasons for our air quality to be failing. Apparently, she had been noticing a lot of uncomfortable air temperature swings for the past several afternoons. When she is at our apartment she enjoys having complete control over the indoor air temperature so I trusted her analysis that every one of us had sizzling and cold patches throughout the house. In particular, she was insistent that something was wrong with the duct leading to the living room, but she said this section was continually warmer and more humid than the rest of the house even with the air conditioning plan running. So, she called a professional heating and cooling dealership and made an emergency repair appointment. Wouldn’t you know, our heating and cooling equipment was easily fine… Then but the window was open in that living room.


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