Yoga Classes Can Take All Kinds Of Forms

My friend has become a yoga instructor.

I have gone to a few of her classes. Yoga is really great and I am liking it. My friend has started doing different types of classes too. She does some classes with different types of music. One class will have fast music, and another one will have slow music. She said that she figured out that for these different classes she needs to have the air-conditioner set at different settings. The classes with faster or heavier music makes her students get hotter so for those she turns the thermostat down. For the slower or more calm music she can keep her thermostat where she usually keeps it. The building where she has her classes has a good commercial HVAC system, so it is not too hard for her to change her temperatures for her classes. She says that she never has to put the heating on, even in the winter. That shows how yoga really is exercise! She really does need a quality HVAC in the summer though. It can really get hot in there for the classes. And when she has the fast music then things really get hot! In fact she is even thinking about adding to the central cooling that the building has by bringing in fans during the summer. That is probably a good idea. She wants to keep doing all kinds of music for her classes, but the issue of cooling is really a tricky one, especially in the summer. I hope she keeps on doing all these different classes.

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