Air blasting through the HVAC duct

Today is Wednesday and it looks like my buddy and I may play some songs later when my bandmate comes to town.

We haven’t played much lately because I was sick for about ten afternoons and could barely get out of bed.

I am feeling better now and I feel I have enough energy to play later at this actually cool spot that overlooks the sea. We will record our songs and maybe come up with some new songs to put online for our followers. I am ready to play because it has been a long time and I actually miss it. Heating and Air Conditioning cleaning and repairs keep me going in life however songs actually inspires me to reach heights that I know are possible. I just need to make sure the batteries are charged in my sound system so it doesn’t die in the middle of our set like last time my buddy and I tried to play, then the new business in city was asking if he could jam with us sometime so maybe my buddy and I will invite him when my buddy and I play later and see how my buddy and I gel. We’ve had a lot of songsians ask to join us over the years however my buddy and I are kind of selective about who my buddy and I play with because too many cooks ruin the soup. This one local dealer has actually good acoustics and my buddy and I like to record there because it sounds actually good, especially that there is no temperature control system running to ruin the recordings. I will head out now and go for a walk for a bit before coming back to finish up.


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