Found a baby bird

Two weeks ago I was leaving my toil with my guy, & noticed something different on the ground as my associate and I approached the car.

It was very small & moving around in an weird manner that immediately caught my attention, but as my associate and I got closer, I realized it was a baby bird floundering around near a puddle in the lot, then my associate and I looked all over the place, however couldn’t find a nest in the bushes neighboring the cars.

So I scooped him up & brought him dwelling with me. The first order of supplier was getting a heating lamp so she could stay hot enough without her mother providing extra heat. I smashed up worms for him & fed him through a wide syringe, similar to the way a mother would; But I as I fed him I noticed how absurdly tepid it was getting in my house next to the heat lamp. I turned down the air conditioner a bit, & made sure that the thermometer in her “nest” was still appropriately tempered, however it was still pretty unbearably hot in my home office. I decided there was no other option however to put up with the uncomfortable air quality until I could find the little woman a permanent home, & set up several fans in my home office so at least I could sleep at night without turning the air conditioner down any further. My associate and I went through several afternoons of this until I found a wildlife refuge that would take him off my hands, & however I was sad to see him go, I was thrilled to have my cool indoor air back again.

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