I purchased a new cooling system, & it doesn’t work

I purchased a new cooling system, & it doesn’t work.

  • I am entirely frustrated that my new cooling system doesn’t work.

Of course, it should work, however the worst part about it is that I had to wait over a month for the cooling system to ship to my condo because of all of the virus stuff that is going on. It felt like the longest wait ever. I need an cooling system for my apartment. It is over ninety degrees outside, & I am sick of it being almost as sizzling in my house. It was literally over eight-five degrees in my condo last evening. I thought I was going to die of a heat stroke. I have asked a few friends if they have any happy cooling systems, however they all said that they only had the ones that they were currently using. It is so difficult for me to get my work done in such a sizzling apartment. I work from condo three days a week, & it is nice most of the time, however since I don’t have air conditioner right now, I genuinely enjoy to work in the office rather than at home. I never thought that I would rather go into work than stay home, however if you don’t have air conditioner, laboring from condo is not certainly fun. I have to send the cooling system that I purchased back, & wait for them to send me another one. That means I will be without an cooling system for at least another month. I am thinking about just trying to find one in a store close to me so that I can drive & option it up rather than ordering it online. I entirely want air conditioner as soon as possible.
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